We have completed the Raisin Cycle and are very grateful for the past 3 years. We continue developing exciting new projects, including an on-demand series, working title: De Zeedijk / De Schutting.

A Raisin in the Sun – photo Jean van Lingen
Beneatha’s Place – photo Dustin Thierry
Clybourne Park – photo Sharon Jane D.

About Well Made Productions

The heart and soul of Well Made Productions, founded in 2015, are producers Samora Bergtop and Ellen Tjon A Meeuw. Bergtop has found a partner in Tjon A Meeuw to tell stories from a bi-cultural perspective and their shared vision is housed in the production company, Well Made Productions.

apvk-smallWinner of the Amsterdam Art Prize 2017

For their theatre production A Raisin in the Sun, Well Made wins the Amsterdam award for the Arts! Read more >>