The Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winning satire on race and property

After the successful A Raisin in the Sun and Beneatha’s Place, Well Made Productions, presents the third performance of the Raisin Cycle: Clybourne Park. The American playwright Bruce Norris wrote the play as a spin-off of A Raisin in the Sun, the Broadway classic by Lorraine Hansberry from 1959. The highly topical Clybourne Park (2010) also became a Broadway hit and won numerous prizes, including the prestigious Pulitzer Prize.

Clybourne Park is about racial tension and gentrification. Near Clybourne Park in Chicago, a house is sold to a black family for little money, the first black family in the white district. Promptly the neighbours start to stir, afraid as they are of their community: before you know it, the neighbourhood becomes uninhabitable.

Years later Steve and Lindsey buy a house in Clybourne Park for a hefty sum of money and knock it down to build something new there. They are the first white family in a black neighbourhood. It all causes a lot of commotion. Concerned neighbours are stirring: before you know it, the neighbourhood will become priceless.

Well Made Productions brings theatre, film, photography and stories from a bi-cultural perspective and received the Amsterdam Prize for the Arts in 2017.

‘Clybourne Park by Well Made Productions is a very interesting performance, which raises many questions about the coexistence of different population groups, to which you can and must come up with your own answers.’ Read more

Max Arian in Theaterkrant

‘Clybourne Park is an excellently made performance that fascinates from start to finish and also holds up a mirror.’ Read more

Sandra Kooke in Trouw

‘With Clybourne Park, Well Made Productions brings relevant and highly topical themes to the stage, which is to be welcomed.’ Read more

Sander Janssens in Het Parool

‘In Clybourne Park (Bruce Norris, 2010) tensions first subside, then suddenly pop out of the dialogues loud and clear.’ Read more

Elisabeth Oosterling in NRC

Cast of Clybourne Park
Joy Wielkens
Anke van ‘t Hof
Sergio IJssel
Yorick Zwart
Marcel Osterop
Peter van Heeringen
Margje Wittermans
Tim Teunissen
Crew of Clybourne Park
Business director Ellen Tjon A Meeuw
Creative director Samora Bergtop
Directed by Teunkie van der Sluijs
Text Bruce Norris
Translation Esther Duysker
Dramaturgy Karim Ameur
Assistant director Karlijn Mofers
Sound design Ata Güner
Light design / costume Clement & Sanôu
Decor design Niek Kortekaas en Sjoerd Kortekaas
Technique Dave Conijn en Gijs Brinkman
Executive producer Eva Hermus
Assistant production & Technique Kelly Hoekstra
Publicity Frédérique Donker en WildChild Agency
Grafisch design Design Guys